Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Update

This weekend I worked on an assignment for Math that I would really like to try with future students. It could be used in any subject, and it would be great for fostering metacognition. Indeed, I think it's a great reflective exercise for learners of all ages.

Tomorrow night I will be heading to Ottawa for a conference. In addition to getting my assignments done early, and trying to make a winter wardrobe from my coastal temperate rainforest attire, I have been reading some blogs about conferences, including Introvert's Guide to Conferences by @sarahdateechur.

Twitter Chats
 On Sunday night I took part in #BCEdChat, #fslchat, and #1stchat. I was inspired, and connected with some really interesting educators.

Here is my blog entry about Project Superhero, and here's one about Stuart Goes to School.

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