Monday, January 19, 2015

Tech Notes

These are some of my musings/notes from today's in-person #edci336 session...

Twitter Chats
I took part in #fslchat and #bcedchat on Sunday night. The #bcedchat was about innovation, and it's on Storify here. Engaging in this process helped me to improve my Twitter chat skills, become more comfortable with Hootsuite, and grow my PLN.

Coding & Programming
I want to continue working on Codecademy as part of my work for this course in order to further my learning about coding. When I asked what his favourite Education Technology resource was via Twitter,  @abnorr shared a kid-friendly site for practicing coding: I'd like to spend some time exploring that as well. Through @DW_Programs on Twitter, I found out about, a program for engaging kids in programming.

My upcoming goals for Blogger are adding social media icons to this blog, and learning how to follow blogs via RSS feeds.

Personal Learning Plan
Here is a sample personal learning plan (PLP). I might work on creating a formal PLP for myself, but in the meantime this blog, Twitter, and a plethora of sticky notes will serve that purpose.

Privacy & Copyright
I plan on learning more about privacy and copyright. Here are a few phrases that will help to guide the beginning of my learning journey:
  • BC Privacy Act,
  • International Standards for Technology in Education,
  • Creative Commons, and
  • open educational resources.
Here are a few hashtags that I've heard about through this class that I'd like to explore further:
  • #remixthediss,
  • #geniushour,
  • #tiegrad,
  • #commentsforkids, and
  • #sd61learn.
Here are some other resources that I'd like to explore:
-Britney (@MlleBallen)

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