Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Twitter & Anxiety


As an introvert, the word "networking" used to terrify me. It all seemed so disingenuous. Since I began using Twitter, I have become a lot more confident in my networking abilities. I have been able to find common interests with people, and make genuine connections. I love being part of a community that shares what they are learning. Plus, Twitter connections give you something to laugh about during your first face-to-face meeting, so it has made conferences much easier for me.


Through Twitter, I have found resources that have shed light on my own experiences. One such example happened last night, when I found a TED talk through this tweet:

I was able to connect with the speaker via Twitter, and let her know how her talk had impacted me:

Anxiety has been part of my education experience for as long as I can remember. It became particularly challenging when I was in grade 8, and the idea of going to school became too much for me. In grade 9, I began the 4C Challenge Program, and that helped immensely. However, I had very mixed feeling about my designation... @HHG's TED Talk has led me to reflect on why I felt that way, and how to support intense learners. (There are some great ideas in my post about the UDL workshop I attended recently.)

What I have learned through my PLN has been helping me to unpack my own experiences and grow as a person. I look forward to seeing where this connected learning journey takes me!

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